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PlanetWeb Browser 2.x - Setup

by: lordnikon

This section contains an abridged version of the Dreamcast Browser manual. For more specific help with your particular version of the Browser, along with instructions on how to get connected, please consult the manual included with your Browser. You can also access the manual via the disc itself - just load the Browser in your Dreamcast, and click the Help link on the main page.


The Dreamcast Web Browser contains many different configuration options, each of which you can reach from the Command Cluster (by pressing Start on your controller).


Internet Connection

  • Your Real Name: Enter a name, any name is fine
  • User Login: Your user accound ID name for your ISP
  • Password: Your user account password for your ISP
  • Dial Up Number: The number you use to connect to your ISP
  • Backup Number: A secondary number the browser will use if the main dial up number is busy.
  • Primary/Secondary DNS: Identification numbers for your ISP's computers.(For both of these you always want them to be left as the browser will autodetect your ISP's DNS. Only when performing advanced networking task's with your dreamcast, is editing these fields necessary.)

Dial Options

  • Area code you are dialing from: The area code for your current location.
  • Long distance call prefix: Any prefix needed to access long distance services.
    Usually, this will be "1."
  • Call waiting prefix: If you want to disable call waiting while using your Dreamcast Web Browser, enter the correct code from your local telephone company. For example, this may be "*70."
  • Outside dial prefix: If you normally need to dial a prefix to access an outside line, enter that number here followed by a comma. For example, "9," is a common outside dial prefix.
  • Modem Init: Allows you to customize your modems init strings. You should not change this unless instructed by your ISP.
  • Dial: Select tone or pulse dialing as appropriate for your phone service.
  • Dial area code: Click "On" if you are calling an ISP's number in a different area code.
  • Blind dial: Select "On" if you have trouble connecting. This may be necessary if you have voice mail on your phone that alters your dial tone.

Proxy Settings

Check with your ISP to see if you need to enter any data here. (Typically you never have to edit this screen, so just hit OK to move on)


Next you will be brought back to the main options menu, where you will save your settings.



You will then be redirected to the main title screen. Now hit connect to access the internet.



You should see the following sequence of events during a successfull connection process:

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