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Quake III Arena - Console Commands

by: lordnikon

All of these commands can be used in the Command Console. You can access this by hitting F12 on your Dreamcast Keyboard. To see what the current status of a specific variable is, you can enter the variable name, without the value in order to view it's current status. For example: If I want to see the current value of raster is, I would just enter ;raster and it would then say: "raster" is:"0" defualt:"0".

More Command Control

;raster 1

This command gives you much more power and control, and makes the cmd console, very usefull. Now the console can be opened anytime, anywhere. You can be at the startup screen or at the online server list, and bring up the console. Also instead of having to use the semicolon ; before input commands, you also have the option to use the forward slash /. You will also notice a session log of the games actions, whether it be loading game items, or pinging servers. It can be quite informative.

Changing Servers

;CONNECT IPaddress:port

This option will allow you to connect to another server, directly from the command console. This means you can jump to another server, while already playing a game. If you have an IP list handy, or have GameSpy 3D running on your PC with a server list, you could jsut jump from game to game without ever having to go back to the primary in game server menu. Very convenient. This also works for a URL format server location.

Passworded Access

In order to log into a Quake 3 server that is private, and is locked with a password, you need to use the password variable along with the ;CONNECT variable. You would type it all out in one string as follows:

;CONNECT IPaddress:port ;password "gamepasswordhere"

Keep in mind to follow this format to the letter, including the quotation marks around the password. This password will work for the duration that your dreamcast is on. It stores it in memory. Once you power off your dreamcast and then log back online, you will have to re-enter it again to re-gain access to the server.
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