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Worms World Party - Schemes

by: Chris5687


Schemes are basically the setting of the game. They determine what weapons you start off with, and how many crates and utilities are dropped during the game. You can override the core setting of the gameplay changing the General Game Options. Sometimes they completely change they way the game is played. Find one you like, and have fun!

Beginner - For Novices. Provides the player with standard issue weapons and long turn time.

Intermediate - Similar to beginner, but for the more experienced player.

Armageddon - Instant nuclear explosion leaves your Worms with health problems. More weapons add to your destructive fun.

Artillery - Immobilized worms and manual Worms placements means you have to prepare yourself for a long battle of attrition.

Darkside - A scheme for people who like to hide away rather then fight in the open.

Shopping Mall - A basic weapon set sided by frequent supply drops.

Strategy - For deep, strategic play.

Sudden Sinking - With instant water rise, this Scheme has the tools you need to escape the tide and destroy the enemy.

Tournament - For the more advanced players, who prefer the more difficult weapons.

Animal Farm - A Scheme using mostly the animal based weapons available.

Kung Food - This Scheme uses close, personal combat only.

Clockworm Orange - A variety of hugely powerful weapons, set on delay - the longer the round takes, the more weapons become available.

Aerial - A Scheme for players who like their weapons dropped from above. Worms are equipped with Jet Packs.

Men at Worm - This Scheme allows you to build a defense before the delayed weapons become available.

Arms Race - Hugely powerful weapons released gradually as the battle progresses.

Full Rope - For players who like to use the rope to good effect.

High Explosive - Highly explosive weapons for good destruction.

Tankxz - Immobile Worms, a battle to the death.

Retro - The original Worms default scheme.

Striker - Air Strike based destruction.

Blast Zone - Powerful weapons are generously provided. High worm energy makes a good battle.

Pro - Manual Worm placement and Scheme for the more advanced player.

BnG - Bazooka and Grenades are the only provided. For players who prefer the more difficult weapons.

For Fun - Lots of everything is given.

No Retreat - No going back once you given your shot.

Drops Only - All weapons are dropped via crate. You can have a few "movement" weapons at the start.

One Shot One Kill - One shot kills.

Energy On Enemy - Your health is going down, and fast. Go for the kill or pick up a health crate.

Health Bonaza - Lots of health crates are given.

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