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Discuss classic Sega systems like the Saturn, Genesis, and Master System. Show your sega pride and get into the legacy of systems prior to the Dreamcast in our "Classic Sega" forum.

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4x4 Evolution
An offroad racing game by Terminal Reality. Create your own custom maps on the PC, and race online.
880 jiuer7845 6-21-2022 7:33 pm Latest Post
id Software's fps classic hits the Dreamcast in homebrew fashion for BBA users
32 lordnikon 4-5-2018 12:55 am Latest Post
Maximum Pool
Chat and shoot some pool on our dedicated Maximum Pool server.
672 bbshark 5-6-2021 9:21 am Latest Post
Planet Ring
Play Dorobo, Splash, Ball Bubble and Soar. Also Chat with friends using "voice chat".
109 jiuer7845 6-22-2022 7:53 am Latest Post
Quake III Arena
Supporting both broadband and dialup, Quake 3 is one of the best games still online for the Dreamcast.
5622 jiuer7845 6-22-2022 7:40 am Latest Post
Still running on its official gamespy server, Starlancer allows for 6 players to duel it out over dialup.
1255 jiuer7845 6-22-2022 8:54 am Latest Post
General Online
2251 jiuer7845 6-22-2022 8:54 am Latest Post
Past Online Games
1300 jiuer7845 6-22-2022 8:13 am Latest Post
VS Link Games
1095 killer-elite 2-27-2018 4:19 pm Latest Post
1872 jiuer7845 6-22-2022 8:57 am Latest Post
Dreamcast Lounge
22365 jiuer7845 6-22-2022 8:59 am Latest Post
Classic Sega
639 jiuer7845 6-22-2022 8:59 am Latest Post

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