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Sat Sep 18, 2004 12:07 am
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Good games kingofgrills! Some intense races. Man I was rusty. Sugo was hard, so windey. Glad I was able to catch you on time to race some races Very Happy I did pretty good on Monza course, thats one of the ones I practice on a lot. You had a slow start on that last race. Had an interruption?

Anyways, glad I showed up, it was a fun fun time Smile
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Mon Sep 20, 2004 10:10 am
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Lordnikon, thanks for a great racing night. I know that was very late for you, since you're in Chicago, so I greatly appreciate it! Those races were great! I couldn't believe how close they we're. The first race, I used the beginner settings, and you were right with me using the intermediate settings - great job! From the second race on I used the intermediate settings, and man, what a difference that makes! My car was drifting all over the place, but it was totally fun.

Oh, on that last race I tried plugging in one of my Mad Catz MC2 racing wheels, but I was having a little technical difficulty. I had to abort and go back to my regular controller. I didn't get up for a sandwich or anything like that.

Thanks again for showing up for some heated Ferrari races - especially given the short notice! We should do that again soon. After we raced, a couple of other racer showed up. I think it was "DaMan" and then a "Noname" racer who I think was from Denmark. He kicked my ass. Awesome.

Thanks again!
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