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Topic: What is Baldur Force EXE?

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Mon Nov 01, 2004 2:21 pm
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Recently I've been hearing about the release of Baldr Force EXE on Dreamcast, but I know absolutely nothing about it. Would someone please explain to me what this game is all about? Also, would it be playable for English speaking players not fluent in Japanese?

Thanks much.
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Mon Nov 01, 2004 5:24 pm
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Wow. I could've sworn that I've talked all there was to talk about this title (until actual gameplay commentary, that is)! I can't find anything anywhere, though.

Well, King o' da Grills... It's a port to DC of the fourth installment of the Baldr Force series, which is produced by "Team Baldr Head," which I'm guessing is a particular Giga development subsidiary. (They've also recently released a new title for PC in Japan, Duel Savior, which I would not mind playing). There's a decent-sized review of the PC version (which is not appropriate for all ages), in case you'd like to skim over it to get an idea of what the game is like, (may contain spoilers), here.

It's said that the game is a cross between the popular Japanese "romance simulation" genre, and an isometric view mech-based shooter. There are apparently a number of different weapons to pick up, which are able to level up (I've even forgotten the "real English" term for this), making for a total of 60 different weapons (sort of). One will probably need to make decisions in the "story" portions of the game, and they will most likely affect the order of action sequences, but, it shouldn't get too much in the way of playing the game if you do not speak Japanese. Hopefully, though, there will be a translated walkthrough of the game -- which there may be already, given that it has been out for PC for a while, although the DC version has been modified and toned down from the PC version to be more appropriate for... well... everyone. Cool

Probably the best way to tell whether or not you would like it would be to download the gameplay video, from Alchemist's (whom are the ones that brought the game to DC) download page. I probably shouldn't direct-link to the file on one of the mirrors, but the filename is "bf_game.mpg" for the gameplay movie. If that looks like it would be worth trudging through story elements, then, you might want to look into purchasing it. It seems to be a decent hit in Japan, and, we'll probably have sales numbers in a few days... But, then again, that's mostly Japan, and everybody has different taste (?).

I've been meaning to contact Alchemist, to ask about whether or not they would allow me to make an English-language mirror of their Baldr Force EXE product page. I'll try to do that tonight!

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