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Thu Dec 04, 2003 11:37 am
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Brandon Parker has released a new game for the DC called Inhabitants.

From the KOS mailing list email: wrote:

Alright, here goes, a beta of the game in question. Inhabitants: DC
Pick up your disc images at

Inhabitants is a tile clearing frenzy where your (current) goal is to
score as many points as you can. Any 2 tiles of the same color that are
connected can be cleared by moving the cursor over them using the analog
stick, and pressing the A button. Depress the Right Trigger to exit game
mode and go back to the main menu. A Bonus multiplier is awarded for
clearing a 4-way.

In normal mode, by clearing groups of tiles of increasing amount, you
can get an even higher score. For instance, on your first click, you
clear 2 tiles, then on your second you clear 3 tiles, you get a 2x bonus
applied to the score on the second click, if you clear 4 tiles on your
fourth click, you get a 4x bonus on that, and if you clear a 4-way to
end the chain, you get a 8x bonus. If you click a smaller amount of
tiles the chain is broken.

In classic mode you only get the 4-way bonuses, a bit tougher and closer
to the gameplay of the original game (Avaliable at

I hope that makes a little sense.

Features in this release:
Standarad and Classic gameplay.
OGG Music
VMU Save Support (For Highscores and Settings)
Menus and such.

Things to add:
Multiplayer support.
More Music
In-Game Menu

Pick up your disc images at
I have tested the DJ image, the nero one *should* work, but nero hasn't
worked right since I upgraded from 5.x to 6.x

Please give me any feedback you might have.


I tested and burned both the cdi and the nero images. They both burned fine. However the game doesn't run on a VGA box or S-Video. only standard video cable I guess. I have to get some sleep so I have yet to actually play the game since I don't wanna fiddle with cables right now. If your DC can play backup copies, burn this baby and take her for a spin.

I'm am hearing nothing but good things about this game. The original game was a PC game and this is a port of that game. The game port is of commercial quality people are saying. I can't wait to wake up and play the game.

if you want to scope some screenshots and the download link for the PC version hit up this site:
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