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Mon Aug 22, 2005 1:04 pm
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So, if a person is a newbie, or even a bit experienced, how can they tell if an item they find has been hacked or altered? I'm fairly new to PSO, with not that many hours logged online, and I worry about that a bit. Unfortunately, I don't know what to look for.

Oh, and how much safer is PSO V2 in comparison to V1? Is there enough of a difference in safety to warrant switching to V2?
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Wed Aug 24, 2005 4:35 am
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About Hacked items: here are some ways to identify them if you really don't know how to.

Most of the hacked items are grinded above the value that is normally authorised. A Double Saber goes to +20, not +99.

About the various bonuses it can have in % -> Very seldom can someone get a legit weapon with one 60%. Lots of hacked weapons have values like 60% or more, almost always in Hit % and also some more in other attributes. A weapon that has 60% everywhere is hacked without a doubt.

Obviously, the weapon is hacked when the player gets some amazing damage like 1500 to 2000, or too high damage for the type of weapon (like mechgun type that does 1000 damage). But not all the time. I once saw a Demonic Fork that was hacked but indeed didn't compete with my Summit Moon (found that it was strange, but the bonuses on the Demonic Fork must have been on other than A.beast, that would explain).

Identifying dupes is from far the hardest thing. I think a black list could be established of the most possible dupes. Obviously, the only way to identify dupes, is to see those in game while their drop rate is just too low. Another way, if you know well the item finding of each ID, is simply to verify if the item can be dropped by the player. Ask him where he dropped it.

Other items just can't be dropped, or the way to get them is still unknown: Red Ring, Prophets of Motav. These cannot be found.

Best thing to do when you get a dupe or hacked item to me: sell it. Or drop it if you just have enough money.

Anyway, I don't really care about playing with "hackers". I just don't want to get their hacked stuff. Easy. And I don't care as long as it isn't too obvious that they are hackers: if I can't even kill a monster, I'll just quit. It's just that there are only very few players left, and JP players just won't play with me (at least I thank the JP player that made me discover Challenge mode: if no one helps you to discover the new quests or modes, and always try by yourself, then you will most probably stay a "noob"), that's why I tolerate playing with hackers.
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Wed Aug 24, 2005 8:55 am
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everything cireza said is correct. a good example would be i used to have spread needle +99 with 60% on hit ruin and mine this was obviously hacked and should not be available. that sort of item is hacked and the obvious things to look for are abnormally high attributes, stupidly high grind numbers, ie: how many grinders have been used on any one item. unfortunately pretty much any item that you aquire from someone else could be hacked, there is no certain way of knowing for sure, you just have to either be totally strict online and not accept anything like me or trust that you are getting a real item. i personally only think your character is truly legit when you only use the items you find, its better that way. a much purer game play experience. seeing what sort of items you can find on your own is one of the best things about pso.
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Wed Aug 24, 2005 1:45 pm
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Very well. I shall try to answer at least for some weapons.

About the first weapons. The order of strenght of the weapon is as follow: green, blue, purple, red and yellow (except for Rods, Canes and Wands who do not have a yellow one). I already know that the maximum grinding avaible for those weapon decreases from the weakest to the strongest. However, I am not able to tell if it is possible to reach the values you mentionned.

So for the first 5 weapons, without judging from the grinders, I would say they are all possible to obtain, except for the autogun, because the value of Hit % seems too high for such an early weapon in the game.

About the DB Saber, I never saw in all my drops a Hit % of 60, so I think it is hacked.

Kaladbolg looks okay. Grinders too.

Gae Bolg and Varista have really low Hit. This can be possible for Varista, but I cannot tell for Gae Bolg. Grinders are ok.

Brave Hammer is ok. Grinders too.

Red Saber and Red Handgun... Aaahhhh, how many did I drop of those Smile ??? The grinders are ok, however the % seem to be a bit to high. I would not believe someone who tells me that they are legit. And I never dropped any that had a Hit %.

Imperial Pick seems ok. Grinders too.

Sealed J-Sword ? Never saw this weapon. Heard it exists. Can't tell.

Oroti Agito and Delsaber's Buster can be crafted, but not dropped (well, maybe Oroti Agito can be dropped, I don't remember). Grinders are ok, however, crafted items don't have attributes.

Plaintain Huge Fan is a reward from quest. I don't know if it can be dropped. If not, then no attributes. Grinder ok.

Same thing for Yamigarasu.

Don't know about Heart of Poumn and 007 Gun.

What do you think about those weapons:


FLOWEN'S SWORD +9 (A-30, D50)

FLAME VISIT +15 (A45, M35)

VICTOR AXE +20 (A15, H50)

RED SABER +90 (M20, D30)

RED HANDGUN +90 (N5, A20, M25)

SUMMIT MOON +45 (A35, D30)
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Wed Aug 24, 2005 8:42 pm
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heh basic way to know.
1.only trade with your close friends you play legitly with.
2.if you find a rare weapon in a room that doesnt say special weapon
3.anything that is given to you. NOTHING in the world is free, espically valuable items. and the same goes for PSO.
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