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Tue Oct 02, 2007 1:53 pm
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In late 2003 after the North American PSO servers shutdown, the OnlineConsoles community shifted over to take root in the remaining Official European servers. Users imported PAL PSO and on their own rallied together to play legit on these european hosted servers. Many games were played, and through it all one person was there to capture the moments and memories as they unfolded. Over the course of 3+ years community member 'DaMan' took over 750 snapshots of online gameplay. It not only presented a visual record of PAL PSO, but also contributed a steady stream of content to the OC community. Each week, and in most cases every day, you would see a new photo on the front page. In-fact it wasn't until a few weeks ago, practically 6 months after the PAL servers shutdown, that he finally finish uploading his last snapshot from PAL PSO servers.

Thank you DaMan for your consistancy over the years in contributing such a large volume of snapshots for PSO fans to enjoy. Pre-planning this would have been a huge undertaking, but as you posted each snapshot, the total number grew larger with each passing week. All of this speaks volumes for your genuine interest in PSO.

I recommend everyone take some time out of their day, and browse through DaMan's contributions in our vast archive of PAL PSO snapshots all sorted by category: click here
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