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Topic: how to vote for nextmap

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Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:43 pm
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I'm trying to do (as client) ";callvote nextmap"
On the status of my server it says:

broadcast: print "SarahConnor called a vote.\n"
broadcast: print "Vote passed.\n"
"nextmap" is:"vstr m2" default:""

and does not switch to the next map.

Is there a way to do ;callvote nextmap or does it just not work?

my cfg looks like this:

set sv_hostname "Mid-West F*ckfest"
set g_gametype "0"
set g_inactivity "3000"
set g_allowVote "1"
set fraglimit "15"
set timelimit "10"
set sv_master1 ""
set sv_master2 ""
set sv_maxclients "4"
set sv_maxrate "12000"
set sv_cheats "0"
set sv_cyclemap "1"
set sv_keywords "dreamcast"
set sv_pure "0"
set bot_enable "0"
set m1 "map dc_map01 ; set nextmap vstr m2"
set m2 "map dc_map02 ; set nextmap vstr m3"
set m3 "map dc_map03 ; set nextmap vstr m4"
set m4 "map dc_map04 ; set nextmap vstr m5"
set m5 "map dc_map05 ; set nextmap vstr m6"
set m6 "map dc_map06 ; set nextmap vstr m7"
set m7 "map dc_map07 ; set nextmap vstr m8"
set m8 "map dc_map08 ; set nextmap vstr m9"
set m9 "map dc_map09 ; set nextmap vstr m10"
set m10 "map dc_map10 ; set nextmap vstr m11"
set m11 "map dc_map11 ; set nextmap vstr m12"
set m12 "map dc_map12 ; set nextmap vstr m13"
set m13 "map dc_map13 ; set nextmap vstr m14"
set m14 "map dc_map14 ; set nextmap vstr m15"
set m15 "map dc_map15 ; set nextmap vstr m16"
set m16 "map dc_map16 ; set nextmap vstr m17"
set m17 "map dc_map17 ; set nextmap vstr m18"
set m18 "map dc_map18 ; set nextmap vstr m19"
set m19 "map dc_map19 ; set nextmap vstr m20"
set m20 "map dc_map20 ; set nextmap vstr m1"

vstr m1

And while we're at it, anybody want to help make a list of server commands and variables which are only relevant to the dreamcast?
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Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:08 pm
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I've read that command doesn't work anymore.

Do this:

;CALLVOTE <command> <parameter>


;CALLVOTE map dc_map11

;CALLVOTE g_gamtype 0
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Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:27 am
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it is much appreciated
Mr. Green
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