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Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:44 pm
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Hey OC guys, unsure if you were aware of this but jut thought I would share this with you as its open to anyone who has Toy Racer and a Dreamcast console capabilities to play online. Oh and you can win $30!


Hello everyone. It's been a while, and I've been real busy in the scene working with clients and looking into other avenues to Gage interest.

That's why i'm proud to announce i'm sponsoring Toy Racer online tournament starting on June 15th in collaboration with DreamcastUK who will be handling most of the prep work such as brackets. To make the tournament more appealing: a 30$ prize will be awarded to the winner of the tournament, offered up by me to make things more interesting.

The signup page for the tournament is below. we also are looking for volunteer refs to report win/losses throughout the tournament to ensure fairness and honesty. If you are interested in becoming a ref for the tournament, contact DreamcastUK or myself here on DCTalk / OC or Skype. The tournament page has a detailed FAQ for anyone with questions but also below the signup link are some rules to take note of.

ItsMuchMore dot com <This site will be used to display the brackets when the tournament launches, for those participating, I would bookmark it

challonge dot com/DreamcastToyRacer

Both players must use the same car/truck etc (different paint work is fine)

Championship mode (all tracks not reserve, standard rules power ups allowed)

Meet in Tournament chat room to report result

Have ref in game (idling at the finish line) to confirm race results

Signed up so far:

Dreamcast Online Toy Racer tournament starts June 2017 - You could win $30 :
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