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Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:38 pm
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rjay63, I will definatly be checking out some of your videos. Wink

I have had this on hold for me personally as my console setups are all packed away right now due to a move that has been in progress. Once I get that sorted out I will resume racing Very Happy

On the topic of the car controls, I agree with your assessment. Its slurred or like you say, a bit twitchy. I used to think negatively about Sega GT because of this? Because you can get into this back and forth swaying of the car where it almost feels like its building up a drunken like momentum which causes you to crash. (maybe its just on the lower % of cars, and the nicer cars handle better).

I have since made my peace with this aspect of Sega GT and I enjoy the game for what it is. I don't really even think the car controls are bad. I guess we all just assume that because its a game that was trying to be the "Gran Turismo" for the Dreamcast, that it should handle just as precise. Maybe I feel okay with Sega GT's handling because we have F355 Challenge, which is as sim as it gets if you disable all the assisted braking and shifting.
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Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:25 pm
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Thanks for the reply lordnikon. I think Sega GT is more a "car enthusiast" game than a racing title. As far as handling is concerned, only a few cars felt "right" to me . One thing I would like to have seen were the top VMU replays from the best players (hosted on the old Sega GT dricas portal) so I could see what is required ti play the game at the highest level. Sadly the VMS elements were not saved and they have gone for good! Sad However I did find this old archived site where a dedicated player goes into great detail about tuning each car - sadly his VMU replays are also gone.
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