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Tue Aug 09, 2022 9:24 pm
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Questions about Vacuum Cleaners you Need to Know!

Is it your first time buying a vacuum cleaner and you have a bunch of questions that need to be answered? Then you've found the right article! Read this compilation of problems related to vacuum cleaners, and it will efficiently guide you in choosing a vacuum cleaner that meets all of your specific cleaning needs.

1. How different are canister vacuums from upright vacuums?

Generally, canister vacuums are more versatile. They can handle carpets like the uprights can, and they're excellent at vacuuming stairs, cleaning bare floors, and getting the dirt out of corners.

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2. Which one is better — a vacuum cleaner with bag or no bag?

Several tests have shown that both models can equally do their job well. It depends on your personal preference to which model you should buy. Using a bagless vacuum cleaner means you don't have to purchase extra bags. However, emptying them can be quite a messy process, and the dust containers and the filters must be kept clean. While bagged vacuums keep dirt and dust isolated or contained, if you accidentally suck up small objects, it would be difficult to retrieve them from the bag.

3. Are the best vacuum cleaners the ones with more amps?

You might need to think again next time you're about to get a model that has the highest watts, horsepower, or amps. Those numbers are just measurements of the motor’s electrical current. The performance of a vacuum cleaner depends on the amount of suction it gives, airflow, and other factors, such as the attachments and overall design.

4. The purposes of the attachments?

The attachments of the vacuum should be used according to the surface you're cleaning. For example, use the power nozzle while vacuuming pile carpets and rugs. However, with walls and bare floors, the floor/wall brush will do best. Try the crevice tool to clear off the dust from air-conditioning-vents, heating units, drawers, and from under larger house appliances. The upholstery attachment can be used for chairs or sofas, mattresses, car interiors, and curtains. Finally, if you want to get rid of dust from moldings, lampshades, and blinds, try running the machine while using the dusting brush.

5. Should I vacuum my home daily?

If you live in a place that is frequently dirtied by heavy traffic, you should vacuum daily. However, to be more practical, twice a week is certainly enough. To make sure the cleaning is done thoroughly, move the vacuum slowly over the carpet numerous times, keep going back and forth, and side to side in rows.

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6. How many times should I run my vacuum over the carpet for it to be thoroughly cleaned?

Typically, if you live in an area with high-traffic, then consider using as many as six strokes; four or five for lighter traffic areas should be sufficient. If you're a person who gets uncomfortable with a little amount of dirt, think about buying a vacuum that has a dirt sensor; it will tell you whether an area is clean or not.

7. When is the ideal time to change the bag in the vacuum cleaner?

If the content in your vacuum bag reaches the indicator line, you should change it. Although some types of vacuums have an indicator lights function called "check bag," you should check the bag yourself and replace it with a new one when it's less than three-quarters full. In case your family has a pet, or your vacuum cleaner sucks up fireplace ashes often, the frequency of needing to change the bag may increase.

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Different types of vacuum cleaners should be purchased based on your purpose and personal preference. You don't need to worry about buying one with more amps since they are just numbers and this does not affect the machine's performance. Pay attention to the vacuum bag and change it frequently if you own a pet or often vacuum in areas that have fireplace ashes or other fine powders.

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Wed Sep 14, 2022 3:24 am
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Its still thinking Wink
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Its still thinking Wink

I think you mean, "It's still cleaning." Laughing
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