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Topic: OC IP Address

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Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:54 am
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Hi Lordnikon, are you still hosting servers? What are the IPs to join? Are you directing your servers to any alternative master servers?
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Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:04 pm
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lordnikon wrote:
OC Game Server Migration has been completed.

Please update your Dreamcast DNS configuration to use the following new IP Address (replace the old one):

ONLINE: Quake 3 Master List up and running - We are still waiting for the DNS A NAME record for to update with the new IP Address. You might need to restart your Quake 3 Arena server if it is being pointed to our master list. One user has consistantly hosted Q3 servers that point to the OC master list (as well as others). If you are out there, give a restart to your server to it can resolve a new IP for
ONLINE: Maximum Pool is up and running (update to the VMS/VMI file pending).
ONLINE: Toy Racer - We are now running a Toy Racer server for BBA users. I decided to run the Windows server port for now, to take it for a spin since it was newly developed software. We may migrate to the linux version later, but for now, I want to test out the Windows version. (NOTE: we still need the domain address that ToyRacer reaches out to in order to redirect it via OC's DNS server.)

The Services for GC PSO and PS2 TAA are also back online.

More server services for Dreamcast are on the way, along with more open PSO access, our Q3 servers we used to run are going back up, a Planet Ring server, and much more...

All of this information will be in a much more prominant place, which is another task I am working on.
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