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Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:44 am
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Greetings, fellow Dreamcast fans! I know posting with a problem isn't the best introduction, but I really need your help, or at least some hint. Wall of text incoming, as I want to fully document what happened and what I tried

So here's a little background: I have a LVI cable (18V for PAL modem), which I used along with DreamPi/old notebook with modem to connect online numerous times and play some PSO, Chu Chu Rocket and Planet Ring. One week ago I noticed my Dreamcast started resetting itself, so I opened it up and gave it a little PSU pin bending/cleaning - it works like a charm once more.

Yesterday I decided to connect online and jump to PSO for some sweet Christmas events action. Fired up my RasPi3B, connected the LVI cable to Dreamcast and a problem occured - "failed to connect to the server, check the cable/modem settings" (didn't even get to username/password sending step, failed at dialing). I was stumped, because I wasn't really using my DC for that week and haven't even touched anything on RasPi 3B/DreamPi/LVI cable.

- At first I thought maybe the batteries in my LVI cable died, so I went to the store and bought a pair of new ones. Connected the new batteries and still nothing, failed to connect.

- Then I thought maybe, just maybe (though, as I said before, I didn't do anything with it) the LVI cable failed, so I took apart the old one and soldiered a new one. Double hecked the voltage on the soldiered ends to the red phone wire, as well as the resistance - my multimeter showed 18,2-18,6V, so I thought that might do the trick. Nope, still failed to connect.

- "Maybe that USB Modem or DreamPi is acting strangely", I thought to myself, so I fired up my old notebook with an actual modem onboard, connected everything and started VMWare with Crunchbag++ Linux (been using this method before I got Raspberry Pi, it worked before), trying to connect. Nope, STILL failed to connect.

-At this point I started to panic, as maybe something happened to my DC. So I disconnected the DC modem to give it some good ol' cleaning. After that I once again tried to connect (using the old notebook) and - wow, success! It actually dialed and connected to the Sylverant server! Oh joy!
I turned off the ol' notebook and connected everything to Raspberry Pi, hoping to FINALLY play some PSO. But nope, the "failed to connect" error popped up again. And now it keeps popping up even when using the old notebook method/reconnecting and cleaning the DC modem over and over.

I seriously have no idea what's wrong here. Maybe one of the LVI cable components (capacitor, resistor) failed? Or maybe... the DC modem is slowly dying? I couldn't connect on PSO, PlanetWeb Browser and DreamKey (inside the PSO). Some help would be truly appreciated!

A little bit of extra info. When turning on the voice/sounds on the old notebook's internal modem I can clearly hear the Dreamcast trying to dial "555" (three "5" button beeps), but after that no "dial-up sound" plays, just a standard continuous dial tone, until NO CARRIER/timeout occurs.

And here's the log from the ttys1 device:
12/03 21:59:00 yS1 send: \dATQ0V1H0[0d]
12/03 21:59:00 yS1 waiting for ``OK'' ** found **
12/03 21:59:01 yS1 send: AT[0d]
12/03 21:59:01 yS1 waiting for ``OK'' ** found **
12/03 21:59:01 yS1 waiting...
12/03 21:59:12 yS1 wfr: waiting for ``RING''
12/03 21:59:12 yS1 send: ATA[0d]
12/03 21:59:12 yS1 waiting for ``CONNECT''
12/03 22:00:10 yS1 found action string: ``NO CARRIER''
12/03 22:00:10 ##### failed A_FAIL dev=ttyS1, pid=1008, caller='none', conn='', name=''

Once again, I'd be extra grateful for any assistance!
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