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The Ndonesean
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Thu Sep 10, 2020 3:55 pm
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Hi All

I just picked up a Total Control 3 so I could use my Saturn Twin Stick on my Dreamcast. I started doing some research and found that some games (i.e. Outtrigger and Quake 3) allow you to use both the Twin Stick and Mouse together. I tried them out and I thought it was fabulous. Has anyone tried this? I like being able to move FDLR with the L twin stick and looking around with the mouse. With Quake 3, you can also assign functions to the second twin stick (4 directions) /trigger/button (i.e. Up=shotgun, R=machine gun, etc.).

For Quake 3, I have the quickly used the following set-up:

Twin Stick:
Left Stick UP- Move Forward
Left Stick Down- Backpedal
Left Stick Left - Strafe Left
Left Stick Right- Strafe Right
Left Stick Trigger- Crouch
Left Stick Button- Jump

Right Stick UP - Weapon 1
Right Stick Down- Weapon 2
Right Stick Left Weapon 3
Right Stick Right Weapon 4
Right Stick Trigger- Weapon 5
Right Stick Button- Weapon 6

D/Pause Button- Side step

Mouse- Look around
Mouse Side Button- Toggle between Run/Walk
Mouse 2nd Button- Fire Weapon
Mouse 3rd Button- Zoom view
Shuttle Wheel Up- Next Weapon
Shutte Wheel Down- Previous Weapon

I just tried it once. Is this well known already? I really liked having 7 buttons (L Trigger, L Button, Mouse Side button, Mouse 2, Mouse 3, Shuttle Up, Shuttle Down) at my fingertips without having to lift up my hands. The other functions set to the 2nd stick were just icing on the cake.
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Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:11 am
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Its well known that all manner of Dreamcast controllers universally work with most games unofficially. However I had not seen anyone try out the Twin Sticks with first person shooters before. Its cool that you can map all of that to the twin sticks.
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