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Topic: connecting to F355

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Wed May 26, 2004 11:41 am
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as my other post says, I just got F355 yesterday. I tried to do a network race, and it only gave an option to start one on a certain track. then, somebody else connected, and I couldn't see him anywhere on the map. also, how do you connect to another race, instead of just starting a whole new one? why can't I see anybody else on the track?
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Wed May 26, 2004 11:45 am
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Well I havent really spent any time with this game online, but I do know, that the game is designed so that you race alone....during this time, the other player/s connected also race on their own, and then all the cars are placed together on the track at the end for a replay, to show everyones car and to show who wins.....strange idea, but people seem to like it

Cheers, Craig

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Wed May 26, 2004 11:45 am
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With F355, you don't actually see the other racers. You all connect, you all race individually, then the game disconnects from the internet and you see a replay of the race with all the cars merged onto the same track (kind of like a huge, combined ghost race). Cars will go through each other instead of colliding.

That said, I've never actually seen it done. I've tried to connect, but I've never actually been able to race, so I'm definitely not an expert on F355 (plus I'm still really bad at it).
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Wed May 26, 2004 2:01 pm
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martianviking, you're right on. F355 employs ghost racing, so basically, you logon and race for your best lap time. The laptimes for you and the other participants are then combined during the replay, and it is really entertaining.

Also, you may end up racing on a track different than the one you select. If there are not enough racers on the track you select, which is extremely likely now that the system is not supported, racer are combined onto the track that is selected the most.

Unfortunately, F355 does not have a lounge of any sort, like Quake or 4X4 Evo, so you cannot tell who, if anyone, is waiting to race. Your best bet is to check the race schedule on this board and participate in a regularly scheduled event. There's an extremely short window to join a race, so make sure you are connected, have selected a track, and are waiting at the transmission selection screen at race time. Then just hit "A" when the clock rolls over and have fun.
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Wed May 26, 2004 4:33 pm
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i am playing F355 online almost every day after starting to play it again a week or so ago.

it is great fun, you are under extreme pressure to produce your best possible time, and coz u cant see how any1 else is doing while u race.. u have to keep pushing really hard constantly ..i get through a lot of chewing gum in a long session hehe

If u want to race, most ppl, if they are racing, do a race every 20mins, so be at the track/transmission select screen, then select to begin ...ON the hour, then 20 past, then 40 past then ON the next hour and so on.. try doing this @ various times during the day and u could find some ppl from around the world to play.

Today i found players at 5pm at 8pm and 9:20pm (UK time GMT+1) .. and had a load of races doing the race every 20mins thing.

if u want to improve your performance you should play online then watch the good racers in the replay... watch their racing line and braking points.. and if u pay attention u can tell what gears they are in

when there is loads of cars on the track at once in the replay it looks great Smile ...there is nothing like watching yourself in the replay from the point of view of the guy right behind you Very Happy quality!
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