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Sun Sep 04, 2005 5:18 pm
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Hey all,

I've just found this most excellent site the other day and now I'm keen to join up and play. I'm based in Australia and am going to setup my 56k Dreamcast to share my connection at home. I have a few questions though and hopefully someone can help me out here.

1. What kind of pings are needed to play Starlancer ?
2. When are the best times to find players online ( I'm on GMT+10) ?
3. Is there a gamespy version for Linux ?
4. What do you use for voice? Teamspeak or something like it?
maurice x
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Sun Sep 04, 2005 7:59 pm
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hey it's good to finally see another aussie join this site.
if you have a 56k modem you don't have to worry much about pings as the connection is pretty good regardless of where you are from (i have played starlancer from people in the uk and it's pretty smooth).

if you are an aussie like me the best time to find people to play is early in the morning like around 6am til 10am. as most of the people who play dreamcast online are european and americans,
then again check the game schedule to see what times the games are scheduled.
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Sun Sep 04, 2005 8:16 pm
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if you are going to play with someone from cst 10am-1pm is best for you.

but people will be on 6-10 am your time.
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Sun Sep 04, 2005 10:49 pm
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1. I don't know how to put pings into technical terms, but as long as you see green when you log on, you're good. If you see everyone else go into the red, it probably means that you are lagging or about to be disconnected.

2. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR USING THE ONLINE CONSOLES GAME SCHEDULE. Go into your profile (link in the top-right corner of the page) and input your GMT in both fields (should be the same). Make absolutely sure your GMT is +10. I don't know if Australia conforms to daylight savings time, but if it does, your GMT would be 1 number higher than during standard time (the Windows clock on your computer ONLY shows standard GMT numbers). Maybe you've already done that. Just trying to be sure.

If that was confusing, there's an easy way to know your correct GMT. There is a clock on the Dreamcast homepage of OC between the banner and the news items, make sure the time it shows is the same as the time on your clocks in your house. You can change the site time by going into your profile and changing the GMT. I suggest trying GMT +10, +11, and +9 in that order until the site clock matches.

Then, all you have to do is look on the game schedule for listings marked with "Starlancer" in the title, and see what time the game is. You can schedule your own games if you like. There are quite a few players all over the world.

3. Erm? No idea.

4. The only way to communicate through the Starlancer game is with a keyboard. You can find them on ebay pretty cheap. In the game lobby, you can type with your controller and the onscreen keyboard, but once the game starts, you need a keyboard.

Since you're new, I recomend you read the following topic:

You only need to read the section "Setting Up a Game," but make sure you understand the parts about hosting so that you don't get lost in the game lobby.
Starlancer players, please check out
THIS to have a better online experience.
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Mon Sep 05, 2005 9:31 am
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Excellent !!

Thanks so very much everyone with your help with my questions. I love this game and when I came across your site I almost fell off me chair when I read you could still play this online.

The early times are no problem for me as I work nights so I can play all day. Thanks for the linkage for playing Starlancer online too this was a good read and I learnt a lot from it. My profile is set up with the right time so I guess I'm good to go. The only thing to do now is start playing.

Also if anyone wants to add me for a game, PM me. I'm on msn, yahoo and gchat and we'll get some times sorted.

Again thanks for all the help.
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