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Sun Sep 04, 2005 9:40 am
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The online gaming service used to run the Guruguru Onsen series and Sakura Taisen Online is closing down. From what I have translated the resources are being diverted to the Sega Link community. You would think Sega would simply put all of their eggs in one basket. Taking the Guruguru Onsen titles from the Dreamcast, PC and PS2, as well as Sakura Taisen, and making them part of the Sega Link service. These options would make Sega Link a more viable option from a consumer standpoint. However the final decision was to close down the online games indefinitely.

At 9:00AM on Wednesday, November 30th of 2005 the following titles for the Sega Dreamcast will be taken offline:

Guruguru Onsen 2
Guruguru Onsen 3
Sakura Taisen Online: Paris no Nagai Hibi
Sakura Taisen Online: Teito no Yuugana Hibi

(click here for a full translated press release)

The total available Dreamcast Online games in Japan will be down to 3 titles, technically 2: F355 Challenge and PSO v1 & PSO v2.

If you feel like playing any of these titles online before the cut off date, I direct you to an information resource registered user Chris5687 helped create, These games are pay for play, and will require a rather lengthy setup process. I only recommend doing this if you are really diehard about trying these games out online.

This summer has been the biggest blow to online console gaming since 2003. The PS2 saw 8 US titles go offline in June, and more offline in Japan. On top of that, a growing number of MMO’s and other online games for the PC were terminated over the course of the last year.

It is pretty clear now that the industry at large sees online gaming as a temporary feature. It’s as if you get a free 3 thousand foot sub sandwich with your video game. The expiration date is set as “undetermined”. Maybe one sandwich you get to each halfway. Another you get to just take one bite.

Eventually it gets to the point where you just say, “Oh to hell with the sandwich, just let me play the game by myself”. Very sadly this is how I have been thinking lately. My loyalty to the titles I already play is strong. My interest in future online games and online capable hardware is fading. The online functionality in game titles is rarely intended to have any longevity at all. Without longevity I can’t form a worthy user base to play the game online. I don’t want to play with the average casual 13 year old gamer who rented the game on the weekend and is trying to cram cheese puffs in his nose while camping spawn points.

I want to play online with people like you guys & gals.

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Sun Sep 04, 2005 12:51 pm
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I realy dont think theres any need to worry about the future of online gaming. As long as there is an internet and there are consoles/pc's/mac's and whatever else then there will always be online games. As long as there is an internet and consoles/pc's/mac's then there will always be people like me who want to play them and other people like me with greater knowledge who will keep some games online forever. There will always be enough online games to keep the die hard online gamer like me happy. I certainly dont want to go back to playing games offline that is now something I consider to be in my past. I find playing against another brain so much more thouroughly entertaining. Even when I think back to old games I played many years ago one of the first thought to enter my head is always wouldent that have been great online lol. Personaly I think online gaming is here to stay even if its not in the mainstream, Ive never known things like this to go backwards before and I doubt it will happen with online gaming. Somewhere in the future is a change as yet inconcieved that will make everything much more accesible, well thats my prediction anyway.

As for current games going offline well nothing is forever is it? Im not playing the same offline games I was 10 years ago and I doubt I'll be playing the same online games in 10 years that Im playing now. In 10 years I expect to be playing superior online games but of course it would be nice if a few of the old classics were still about which they will be.

Now have a working PC DC server courtesy of Segadreamcaster. Bring on the DC on line games yeeee haaa.
Sun Sep 04, 2005 1:23 pm
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Sad news for sure. Im glad i got a few games... though its not satisfying.

I'll be buying a license for the rest of the time they are online and try to get as much games in as possible.

If you'd like to join in, you can of course, as nikon mentioned, contact and I'll help you get set up with isao. The license for both games will cost you around $20-$30, the license for one would be around $10. Of course you need the game to play. I sent out some discs so hopeflly someone is willing to play.. therwise its me and the japanese.
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Mon Sep 05, 2005 12:11 am
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yeah chris, i never got a chance to thank you for the disks. unforunatly, the account you made me ceased working after about 3 days. if you can make me annother one that would be AWESOME. i really wanna play atleast once before opendice ends.

and are any of these bba compatable? i would love to log packetts, you know, just to have them available for a more experianced person.
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Sun Dec 25, 2005 1:58 pm
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i think console online gaming needs to pull a quake

dedecated hosting out of the box

idsoftware did it with quake... quake had billions (ok only thousands) of highclass servers all over the world.... and it didn't cost them a dime...

why haven't consoles followed the same route?
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