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Segata Sanshiro
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Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:17 am
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Retromadrid is a vintage computing party which takes place in the city of Madrid, Spain every year. 8 bit computers get the most attention but there's also an entire section for our beloved Dreamcast.

Some of the most prolific homebrew developers happen to live there so it was a good chance to meet them and have an interesting chat about Dreamcast homebrew.

I asked Chui (NEO4ALL, Noiz2sa, SDL, Fenix and many more ports) if he thought it'd be possible to implement the net functions in the Dreamcast port of Fenix (which would mean a very easy way of creating pretty decent online homebrew), but he said it'd be too much work and wasn't too interested. He also presented one of the better looking homebrew games for the Dreamcast, a port of Neverball (an open source Monkey Ball clone). This port was possible thanks to an even more impressive feat: he ported the OpenGL hardware-accelerated 3D libraries to the Dreamcast! Also, check the minimum requirements for the PC version: "Hardware accelerated OpenGL is required. A 500MHz processor is recommended." Yet it runs at 30-60 fps most of the time on the DC Very Happy Bear in mind, though, that some stages (very few) aren't too playable as they were designed with the PC in mind. A first version has been released already so you can get it from DCEmu.

He also updated the Fenix port downloads (links were broken until now). Maybe another programmer will get interested in coding the network functions for the DC, probably not, but who knows. If they think nobody would use them they could be wrong Laughing

A new Genesis emulator has just been released, but I haven't had the time to try it yet.

While I spend 90% of the time playing commercial games, I still like to see so many things happening around the Dreamcast. Very Happy
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