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Topic: Change to Ranks.

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Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:21 am
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what is the max amount of characters that you can use for a rank?
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Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:55 pm
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I was trying to get started looking at games exclusive to each site and had pulled up a list online and trying to think of stuff that could be used.
my question what if a game was not exclusive but made it to DC/PS2/GC would it still be a possibility for all there or fall under general since the game applies to all console.
this was the first game I was trying to think of stuff for
18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker a bit long so break up the title

18 Wheeler
Pro Trucker
(names of the truck drivers) I could'nt think of any atm or find the game to pull it up either

Then I got to Alien Front Online Tank names
SP Walker
2L Walker
Hov Craft
MK2 Merkava or Merkava
M1A Abrams
M109-A2 nothing to really write home about with those.
Then taking a look at special weapons some of these could probably go into General
Turbo Engine
Grenade Launcher
Homing Missile
Guided Missile
Machine Gun
Nuclear Missile
Gravity Ball
Flying Drone
Seeker Wing
Light Swarm
Cloaking Spore
Cyclops Blast
Alien Spike
Meteor Shower
of course I had to omit a few since OC strives to avoid or put an end to flame wars so Flame thrower and Hellfire Missile seem really inappropriate.

of course I probably should've edited the list some of those are not so great names for ranks, just tossing some ideas out there. basically just showing ways to get mulitple names from a few titles.
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Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:11 pm
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Thanks for the recommendations. If anyone has any others, do let me know! I am going to be taking care of it this week.
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Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:08 pm
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Taking a bit longer than I would have liked going thru game cases/ manuals for ideas for rank names i'm about half way done (I think)

sudden death
room menu
Online Play
server config
arcade stick
winning and losing (or 1 each, but wants losing as a rank by itself?)
Draw (game)
Arcade mode
Vs mode
Training mode / rookie
special move
Super (move)
4x4 Evolution King Shocks (back of manual-manufacturer)
The road is calling. Ignore it:/Road caller, road ignorer,ignorant road, off roader, lincoln navigator aka white elephant since the back of the
case lists Lincoln, but (correct me if i'm wrong) its not in the DC version of the game.

Bomberman Online Bomb-A-lympian (read manual)
Power Glove (yeah ignore the NES accessory)
Survival Rule / Survival rules!, I survived, all time favorite, all time fave
Hyper Bomber Rule/ Hyper Bomber, Target Panel
Submarine Rule/ Aqua sports, water bomber/ aqua bomber
Panel Paint Rule/ town painter, tile painter, painted panel
Ring Match Rule/ tiny field, small / tiny bomber, no room for a mistake
Miso Bomb(er)/ skull Bomb(er)/Collection Panel/ collector

Capcom vs. SNK Groove Point, Flexible ratio system, Finest KO

ChuChu Rocket! Chu Chu or space mouse, Kapu Kapu or Space Cat
rocket pilots : chuih, chupeo, chubei, chubach (it should be noted this names do not appear in the game)

Confidential Mission Howard Gibson, Jean Clifford, Agent Academy (Academy student/ grad)
Another World, field agent, top agent. Justice Shot, combo shot. CMF (confidential mission force)
Magnetic disk
Crazy Taxi Gena, Gus, Axel, B.D.Joe,
Crazy Dash, Crazy Drift, Crazy Back Dash, Crazy Back Drift.
Crazy Combo, Crazy Jump, Speedy, Crazy Jam, Crazy Pole

Daytona USA Three Seven Speedway, Three Seven Speeder, Dinosaur Canyon, Sea side street galaxy,desert city, national park speedway, circuit pixie, Rin Rin Rink , Mermaid Lake

Hornet, Grasshopper, Falcon, Lightning

Dead or Alive 2 Tag Battle Mode, tag battle, tag battler, Team battle mode, down for the team,
Basic Battle know how, battle know how, knows how, attacks by wall , Electrified Fence
off the edge, over the edge (character names? Just to lazy to put them in but one)
Evil Tengu

Death Crimson OX Bullet mode , Death Flash
Characters Kou Yanami, Yuri Rosenberg, Patrick Lewis, Kosuke Echizen, Greg Plewmel.

Evolution Command Menu, Total Money, Debt, Cyframe, upgrade shop, (DC or OC) society, saloon
Naolin, Eye Potion, Hammer part, spray part, life powder, tactical advantage, combat ender, Brain Washed (er), berserk, mag launcher, Linear Cannon, Gre Nade, Chain Gun, Pepper Box

F355 Challenge Passione Rossa, Driving Data, flow of the race, motegi, suzaka short, monza, Suga, suzaka, long beach

Grandia II Ryudo, Skye, Millenia, Elena, Roan, Tio, Carro, special coin, mana egg

Half-Life Gordon Freeman, Blue Shift, headcrab

The House of the Dead 2 AMS special agent Gary Stewart, James Taylor, Curien Incident
, Amy Crystal, Harry Harris, Goldman, Dog(s) of the AMS, Golden Frog, (zombie / enemy names)
Murrer, Gregory , Johnny, Peter, Randy, Max, Bob, Mickkey, Ken, Kageo, David, Ebitan, It's dangerous

Hydro Thunder (was on multiple consoles so it could go under universal)
Mighty Hull, Boost, blue boost, red boost, navigation gauge, boost gauge, hydro jump
(tracks)Thunder Park, Lost Island, Arctic Circuit, Greek Isles, Lake Powell, The Far East, ship graveyard, Venice Canals, New York Disaster, Nile Adventure, Hydro Speedway, Catacomb, Castle Vondandy
(boats) Damn the torpedoes, Midway, Miss Behave, Banshee, Tidal Blade, Thresher, Cutthroat, Rad Hazard, Razorback (list bonus boats?)

Jet Grind Radio
Tokyo-To, GG, (good game? Good Groove??), Gum, Beat, Tab, Noise Tank(s), special glasses, Poison Jam , that weirdo, those weirdos, these weirdos, horror mask Captain Onishima,
The Police, Professor K, spray can, rival showdown, tag

Karous (title) manual contents are in japanese so I can't pull much from there, DFS

Maken X Brainjack, been brainjacked, brainjacker, Maken, Kay Sagami (character names that i'm skipping)

Marvel vs. Capcom
Clash of super heroes, cross fever, aerial rave (air combo) Hyper combo (character names, not going there especially for the next game well the boss) Onslaught

Marvel vs Capcom 2 super jump

Maximum Pool
Glowing object ball, custom ball, Buddy (buddy is, well, a dog!) the gathering place,
(hidden tables) chameleon ball, 24 cents, poker, mad bomber, rocket ball

Metropolis Street Racer
street racer, kudo/ kudos, hot lap, one on one, jokers/joker

NBA 2K coast to coast dunk east/west coast 3 pointer

NBA 2K1 the above was meant for 2k1 which was make mention of playing online still sports have always been last with most OC members which is why I was playing with the coast to coast stuff for online play.
My PSO character stats are here
along with a few other sites I can be found at.
My DC is offline.
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