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Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:03 am
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A friend of mine was mistakenly linked to a press release for a European Chu Chu Rocket tournament. It looked a bit interesting. So I thought I'd post it here.

press release wrote:
The European ChuChu Challenge:
The European ChuChu Challenge is an online competition designed to highlight the online gaming capabilities of Dreamcast and to add value to the game itself. It will be positioned as a pan-European challenge to find the best gamer in Europe.

Players will have to register to enter the competition, then play online as much as possible. They will be ranked in their National League table depending on the number of games they win online. At the end of phase two (see below for dates), the top four players from each country will be invited to the local Sega office to compete in a National Final, the winners of this will go through to the European Final.
Playing the game
Phase One – Registration (1st-30th June):
Users must visit Dreamarena and register to be a part of the competition. To do this, they have to click on a button within the ChuChu pages on Dreamarena, this will confirm their entry and their ChuChu user name.

Phase Two – The Competition (1st-29th July):
Users simply have to play online as much as possible, the more games they win, the higher up the league table they will go. To view these league tables, players will have to visit Dreamarena.

Phase Three – The National Finals (w/end 26th/27th August):
The top 4 players in each territory will be invited to the local Sega offices to compete in a National Final. This should be a good PR opportunity for each country.

Phase Four – The European Final (September)
The winners of all the National Finals will be invited to London (Millennium Dome – tbc) for a European Final. This should be the climax of all PR activity.
First Prize = A personalised ChuChu Dreamcast “pod”.
Runners-up prizes tbc

Aparently this was from 2000 (it had the date in the link, but it wasn't in the release/file I was given). There was a PR email adress/contact at the bottom, but I wont post that.

Does anyone know or remember what happened with this?
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Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:16 pm
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I remember reading about one of the winners in an issue of the official UK Dreamcast magazine. A quick search (involving revealed the final actually took place at HMV in Oxford Street, way Sega could've afforded the Millenium Dome/O2 Arena as a location Laughing Here are the links: (Winners) (Small thumbnail of winner on right)

It sounds like the prize was a DC pod similar to those dotted around various stores back in 1999-2001.

Hope this helps! Smile
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Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:16 am
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This is cool, but that second link is overwhelmed with ads, making whatever is on that page illegible. Nice find though!
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