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Dreamkey/Dreampassport In-Game Web Browser Extensions

by: lordnikon

Many browsers included with individual game titles had limited functions by defualt. The games were only setup so you could navigate that specific games homepage. For games that used a Dreamkey/Dreampassport web browser, there are ways to add further functionality to these browsers. Sometime you might need it, or would find it convenient.


At any point while using the browser, for lets say Jet Grind Radio:
Hold A and press Start 10 times

Now new controller commands are now unlocked:
Press B+Start for Bookmarks
Press Y+Start for History
Press X+Start to Connect

To bring up a URL Bar - Place the cursor down near the status bar at the bottom of the screen and then press X+A

To add a page to your bookmarks, while at the page you want to add, enter the following string into yor URL bar:


Some games like Chu Chu Rocket enable a less strict set of options:

Ctrl + O = URL bar
Ctrl + R = Reload page
Ctrl + B = Bookmarks
Ctrl + M = Mail
Ctrl + H = History
Page Location: Home > Guides > Dream Passport Browser Extensions