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PlanetWeb - Setting up Dreamcall in PWeb v2.606 & 2.62

by: SoldierBlade

1. Use an uncustomized PW 2.606 or 2.62. Do not use the currently available XDP or any other custom because quite a bit of the phone and other gifs were removed and in some cases dreamcall was removed completely (DPF and PSD1).

2. Connect to the internet first (very important duh) and then bring up your url bar. Type file://mainpad.htm to bring up the phone and registration options. Unfortunatly, its not as easy as clicking the phone icon on the screen or clicking the dreamcall button anymore. NOTE: Some people will post this information as file://pwbrowser/mainpad.htm or file://mainpad.html, but all you need is file://mainpad.htm. The /pwbrowser directory is unnecessary since its the default directory anyway, and remember to put .htm and not .html.

3. At this point you should be connected to your ISP and in the dreamcall page. Click register, fill out the necessary info such as area code and username, and then submit that info. It will come back to the first page you came to. Now click refresh, and then the phone should show your newly minted pw dreamcall number.

4. From here all you have to do is enjoy it. Type or keypress the number of someone you wish to call who is online with pw, and then click call dreamcast. If they are online with their pw and their number is still the same, you should hear a purring noise as if you had dialed someone's normal phone.

5. If you ever recieve a call, do the file://mainpad.htm thing again and click recieve call or whatever the button is called. Its the one to the left on the phone. To hang up, click the end button on the right. Its layout is very similar to a common cell phone.

6. Its a good idea to bookmark the dreamcall page as soon as you get there. That way you wont have to type the file command every time you want to use it.

NOTE: This should be common sense, but in order to call out or recieve calls you MUST have your mic inserted into the controller. Without it, you will not even hear it ring.
Page Location: Home > Guides > Setting up Dreamcall in PlanetWeb v2.606 & 2.62