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Topic: Shenmue III Kickstarter

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Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:20 pm
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Hit it's first target on the first day.

2,853,290 as of this post.

NOW is the time to put your money where you have always wanted.
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Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:18 am
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I'm gonna drop $29 on a digital copy on payday. I'm not surprised that it hit the funding level so fast. I wonder how high it'll get before the 30 days are up? People had said that the only way a game like Shenmue 3 could be made would be through crowdfunding, and it looks like they were right. The fans put their money where there mouths were and now we're just shy of three million dollars in a single day.

I'm going to have to replay the first game (it's been a decade+) and finally play through Shenmue 2.
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Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:39 pm
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This is great news and obviously very historic, however I still want to retain the standards of this board as being "Dreamcast" specific, covering Dreamcast games and DC hardware only, rather than hosting "related" Dreamcast topics. It leaves the door open for talking about Dreamcast ports on PSN/XBLA, Under Defeat HD, Jet Grind Radio on the PC, etc).

I realize that if ever an exception were to be made, this would be the occassion for it. However I still feel it is important to stick to the format of the site. Our Dreamcast Lounge is "pure" Dreamcast and it is something I am very proud of.

That being said, I have another reason for this as well, and that is to support another community:

Shenmue II was released in 2001, and there was a Drikore re-release of it in Japan in spring of 2003. It has been 12 years since there has been worthy Shenmue news to discuss (I am not counting Shenmue Online). Shenmuedojo has been running their Shenmue fansite all this time. It has amazed me how they have never given up on continuing to keep that site alive. I am incredibly happy not only for Shenmue/Dreamcast fans in general, but also specifically for Shenmuedojo. Shenmuedojo has operated an entire community dedicated to essentialy 2 video games for all these years. It is simply great to see them get a sudden jolt of things to discuss, which I am sure will last for the next 5 years if you take into account pre-release discussions, and beyond actual release.

As such, I want to re-direct discussion traffic for Shenmue III over to their site. So if you want to talk about all things Shenmue III, please head on over to their thread in progress:

Additionaly, feel free to chat here at OC about Shenmue I and II as well. Maybe this is a good time for people to replay through these games to generate new discussions about them at onlineconsoles. I know I am going to make the effort this summer.
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