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Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:12 pm
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Social media got hit with the Sega Saturn yesterday. Its great to see the Saturn in the mainstream news. It even hit Slashdot (link). Almost 20 people messaged me about this info yesterday. Some from OC, but most are not really people who are into the Saturn, but fringe acquaintances who knew I was into this sort of stuff. Maybe because "Archive" was said a few times in the video.

We all follow homebrew/console hacking projects, and understand the lingo.... so it was painfully hard to read the click bait titles of news stories and the shotty journalism at work. Sad

The original youtube video's title reads "Sega Saturn CD - Cracked After 20 years". Yet most articles are saying the DRM has been cracked.

As far as I am concerned, the DRM has been cracked as soon as you can boot pirated games on a system. CD lens or not, it has been possible to boot pirated games via modchip for decades now. At a glance, the news articles give the impression to the laymen as if the Saturn has been impenetrable. Modchips have existed for the Saturn, and in recent years, the Rhea which replaces the lens with a SDCard slot similar to the gdemu.

At Gamasutra:

Chris Kerr wrote:
The Saturn's days looked numbered in recent years thanks to a shortage of replacement parts coupled with an increasingly common fault with the disc drive, which effectively rendered the machine useless as a games console.

Confused jeeze louise

Really? Numbered? I guess the 66 saturns for sale on ebay right now are all fakes, and the lot of 12 units for parts for $200 bucks is just the plastic shells. I have not even checked Yahoo Japan. I am sure there are more fake/phantom saturn units there as well.

There are no "increasingly common faults" with the disc drive. Fat PS2/DC? Yes. Saturn? Hell no. The Saturn does not have a reputation for rampant drive failure. It can occur, but its not something that plagues the Saturn like some other systems. It is merely a point of failure which is why any fan of a console would be concerned. The Sega Saturn's drive longevity is the same as any other healthy (but mortal) disc based system: (3DO, JaguarCD, Sega CD, Gamecube, PS2 Slim, PS3, etc etc).

Hey, I scratched me knee on the side-walk this morning.

"Headline: Onlineconsoles Webdude bleeding to death, may lose leg. The end is nigh."

That all being said, my comments above just pertain to the news media's interpretations. The video itself, is superb and well articulated. I suggest anyone who has not seen it yet, check out the following video on Abrasive's work with the Saturn:

It gives some insight into the world of hacking game console hardware, and what is really involved with making discoveries and forward progress with this stuff. There are other members here at OC and abroad that spend years on similar projects. So its cool to hear someone talk in-depth about their work on the Saturn. The Sega Saturn's hardware is, well, quite weird and I am always fascinated by how the machine works.
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Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:52 am
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Fantastic news! My modded Saturn won't read discs anymore (due to an incident with my former housemate).

Will be nice to give my Saturn more love. Very Happy
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