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Topic: Who has Twin Sticks?

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Tue Nov 08, 2005 1:19 pm
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I know the longer I wait to get these things the more expensive and more trouble it will cost me to get them. I really want to have a perfect VO expierence with two twin sticks and system link. I havent even picked up the link cable yet, but I know those are fairly easy to track down the dragoncast version. I know i have two options, the official Dreamcast ones and the saturn ones with a total control 3. Since I am a BIG dreamcast collectorI would like to get at least one official Twin Stick. So I think I will do that and then get a total control 3 from NCSX. and then try and track down some saturn twin sticks just incase in the long run i pick up a saturn and also its a bit interesting to use those with a controller converter.

This is what I need right?

Just to be sure.

I know ebay is my best bet to find twin sticks but im curious of where any of you have purchased either model and how much you paid for them and of course what is reasonable for shipping.
(this isint counting you nikon who got 2 for $75 inc shipping Laughing )

I know toysnjoys SAY they have it, but I have heard bad things about them. any other solutions?

Posted Tue Nov 29, 2005 1:56 pm:

got bored so decided to reply to my own thread. I jsut got my Dreamcast Twinsticks for 40 bucks on monday. They are sweet! This game has completely changed on me, but man it gets difficult. I only have the NTSC version and I hear there are a few JP versions with some updates or something? I still have plans to get a TC3 and saturn sticks after christmas to have my ultimate setup!
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