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Segata Sanshiro
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Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:39 am
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Smurph wrote:
It's incredibly rare,and yes it is JP only. It was distributed in a magazine, IIRC. I haven't even found a BACKUP of it.

I know the above message was posted a year ago, but maybe someone is still looking for a backup of that disc. A backup has zero collector value but given the scarcity of the original disc it's what many of us will have to be content with Razz A self-bootable copy of that GD was released in May last year, it can be found via google or in some torrent sites.

The nfo says:

Here is an interesting cd that came along with a Dreamcast Magazine at time. This disc is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to find, so it's considered to be the holy grail to VOOT players. This program by itself is just an editor so you can edit and save some new VRs -- 10/80sp, Apharmd C, and Stein-Vok -- on your VMU, then use those customized VRs on the arcade version of VOOT 5.66

* The Drigmaga 5.66 customization disc was originally for editing the colors of the 3 new VRs that was released for the arcade VOOT 5.66.
* The np-voot-cust+ loader allows you to play a single player round with the VR you created. But, it's only while using the customization disc. The np-voot-cust+ loader unlocks other features only on the Japanese release of VOOT. (field and model viewers).
* Without the Drimaga disc, the np-voot-cust+ program can be used to unlock the color-edited VRs in the import version of VOOT to be used in 1P and training modes within that game as well.

The game is dummied, 60hz patched and playable on any Dreamcast console.

It sounds like it's the same disc, but it doesn't seem to be a full rip of the original GD since it doesn't come with any other demos or videos.
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Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:48 am
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lordnikon wrote:
I wish I knew about that auction a few days ago. I would have been all over it Embarassed

Yeah, it was at 500JPY till the last day, pretty much. I put in a 5000JPY bid before bed the night before it closed, thinking it would unlikely go that high and when I checked it in the morning I saw that it ended for 8000JPY Shocked

Guess it truly is sought after Exclamation

I found mine on some obscure Japanese used book website. The only one they had left was the one that I bought, otherwise I might have turned you on to them Very Happy

On the topic of finding obscurities, I'm also on the lookout for the "We Are The Champions" official VOOT Tournament DVD:

Sega's official page on the tourny:

You can watch a few of the final rounds here. Pretty awesome skills:


Posted Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:42 am:

Smurph wrote:
The theory of this is that by using devices such as relays, logic gates, or a PIC (Programmable Integrated Circuit), one can condense the amount
of wires from a complex control scheme to something simple enough to solder onto the limited contact points of a dreamcast controller.
In this way, true homebrew twin sticks are possible (At least in my head), with just a few parts found at RadioShack (and the purchase of arcade 4-way trigger joysticks)

**Logic Operations**
IF Left-UP AND Right-UP      //dash forward
IF Left-DOWN AND Right-DOWN   //dash backwards
IF Left-UP AND Right-DOWN   //pivot right
IF Right-UP AND Left-DOWN   //pivot left

**Logic Operations**
IF Left-LEFT AND Right-LEFT      //dash left
IF Left-RIGHT AND Right-RIGHT      //dash right
IF Left-LEFT AND Right-RIGHT       //jump
IF Left-RIGHT AND Right-LEFT      //block

Your thoughts and input are welcome.

Since putting together my VOOT vs. package (pics to come at some point Very Happy) I was thinking of ways to simplify things, one aspect being getting rid of my Total Control 3 / Saturn Twin-Sticks setup and hacking DC pads into my Saturn Twin-Sticks.

The problem I ran into is that I'm not in the know as to how the DC recognizes the Twin Sticks. The Total Control 3 has a switch on it to put it in a special mode which allows the DC to think that DC Twin Sticks are connected. I've opened my Total Control 3 but it has a Xilinx chip in there which could contain who know's what (it's a programable logic / micro controler).

My next thought was that it doesn't matter if the DC knows whether I'm using the Twin Sticks or a pad, as long as the controls match up. Well that's flawed as well because the logic operations you describe (similar to what I was thinking) don't perfectly match those of the Twin Sticks. Example:

**Logic Operations**
Left-LEFT AND Right-LEFT      //walk left

With the Twin Sticks you can walk left using one stick. You walk a bit faster if you push both sticks left.

You dash left with the above joystick position and pushing either boost button.

This may seem like a small discrepancy between the two (hacked pad only can walk left faster, vs Twin Sticks can walk left and walk left faster) but in reality you are probably not going to be able to always push the sticks at exactly the same time, which means you are missing out on a few milliseconds of movement that may be critical when dodging attacks. If you use the Twin Sticks and you don't push both in the same direction at exactly the same time you at least start moving in that direction with whichever stick is in position first and then move a bit faster when both are in place.

I'm used to conversing with perfectionists, so crazy as this nit-picking sounds, I can guarantee someone would bring it up in a larger discussion Confused

If someone is serious about the DC pad hack, I can do it using pretty simple logic (couple IC's, some resistors [necessary to fool the ADC's on the analog stick], some perf-board, and wiring). As much as using the arcade sticks and the pad-hack sounds great, realistically, I think you should just use the Saturn Twin Sticks and the pad-hack. I know someone that built some Twin Sticks using Sanwa parts so that he could play the Sega Ages 2500 Virtual On game for PS2 and he said the performance is:

[Sanwa+PS-pad-hack] >> DC Twin Sticks >> Saturn Twin Sticks

Major drawback being labor and the cost of parts (Sanwa stuff is not cheap). If I go through w/ ordering the Sanwa parts to upgrade my Saturn Twin Sticks, I'll try and remember to post on here again to see if anybody else wants to do a group order to save on shipping.

Here are the specs on the Sanwa-PS-pad-hack Twin Sticks:

Parts used:
Sanwa JLJ-PL2-8V x2
Sanwa OBSF-40RG (Yellow)
Sanwa OBSF-24 (Yellow)
Sony PS-One Gamepad
Hori RAP (Takken 5)

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